Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hi! My name is Alec Thomson, I'm trying to become a game designer and this is my new blog.

I've made a bunch of games in the past, sometimes as a student and sometimes as a researcher at the former Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab (now known as the MIT Game Lab), which can all be found at my website.

Most recently, I've released a free puzzle game for iOS called Conway's Inferno. Conway's Inferno is a game about goofing around with a cellular automata to cause the extinction of a species. It's totally available here, so feel free to download it and (hopefully) have some fun.

One of the later levels of Conway's Inferno

Meanwhile, the game I'm currently working on is a procedurally generated stealthy puzzle game called is a game about robbing a major online retailer by ordering tools from that same retailer to help you out. It's still in development, so check out this gameplay video for an idea of how it plays.

At my day job, I'm a Masters student at MIT in the Computer Science department. My research is on developing designer targeted tools for creating procedurally generated puzzles. Right now, I'm creating tools the look kind of like this.

The Puzzledice puzzle editor

Anyways, this is actually the third time I've tried to start up a regular blog (don't look for the others), so hopefully I can keep it going this time. I'm going to try to keep posts short but frequent and mostly about my projects or other things I think are cool.

Okay bye!

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